Unlike waxes (organic) and sealants (synthetic) that only provide exterior protection for your vehicle for only a couple of months, ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating, is a silica-based polymer that provides matchless protection to your car for years.

The beauty of your car's surface is threatened daily when you drive through your usual routes and even when you take it to a local car wash. Ceramic car coating takes away all the worries about what might ruin your car's paint as you drive or wash your car.


Ceramic coatings don't only offer a strong layer of protection to your car, but they also create a deep glossy shine that sets your car apart on the road. Below are some of the most obvious benefits of coating:

* A protective layer against UV rays

* Protection from acidic contaminants resulting in chemical stains

* Easy cleaning as the ceramic coat self-cleans from dirt and grime, bird droppings, mud, and other stains

* Hydrophobic properties ensure that your vehicle repels water to prevent watermarks and water beading

* A shiny, glossy look that is mirror-like in appearance

The ceramic coating may protect your vehicle's paint from the natural defects listed above but may not offer the same results against scratches, swirl marks, and water spotting. Also, tiny dirt may accumulate over a long period, so you still need to clean it.


Everything that happens between the preparation process and the actual application of the clear coat is essential to the quality and result of the job. Below is a step by step procedure of our unmatched ceramic coating service:


Thoroughly cleaning the car is the first and most important stage in the process. Road grime, tree sap, and other blemishes have to be washed off.


The claying process is what removes the contaminants from the vehicle. If these chemicals are trapped under the wax, sealant, or spray coating, they'll do a lot of damage to your car's skin in the long run.


This stage ensures that your car looks completely new and free from scratches, to prevent it from looking rough under the protective layer.


The best in the market and let it cure.


The finishing touches involve wiping off any excess so remove any high spots so the ceramic is fully levelled.

Car owners believe certain myths that once the car goes through our professional-grade ceramic coating process, they don't have to maintain it anymore.

The truth is that maintenance is key to keeping the shine on your vehicle's surface. The only good part is that you don't have to spend so much time, energy, or paint correction steps doing it. Also, note that a coating will not prevent a deep scratch or dent. It is very resistant to scratches and swirls, but not scratchproof.